In vivo safety assessment of two Bifidobacterium longum strains.

  title={In vivo safety assessment of two Bifidobacterium longum strains.},
  author={Henna M{\"a}kel{\"a}inen and Raija L. Tahvonen and Seppo Salminen and Arthur C Ouwehand},
  journal={Microbiology and immunology},
  volume={47 12},
Bifidobacteria are important members of the intestinal microbiota and are considered to contribute to maintaining health. However, the level of bifidobacteria colonising the intestine of elderly subjects tends to be lower than in younger adults. Therefore, two Bifidobacterium longum strains, isolated from healthy elderly, were chosen for supplementation of the endogenous Bifidobacterium microbiota in the elderly. Bifidobacteria are generally regarded safe for human consumption. However, since… CONTINUE READING

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