In vivo release from cerebral cortex of [14C]glutamate synthesized from [U-14C]glutamine.

  title={In vivo release from cerebral cortex of [14C]glutamate synthesized from [U-14C]glutamine.},
  author={C M Thanki and David Sugden and Anthony Joseph Thomas and Henry F. Bradford},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={41 3},
Awake, unrestrained, and behaviourally normal animals with superfusion cannulae implanted over the sensorimotor cortex were used in a study of the capacity of infused [U-14C]glutamine for labelling glutamate and other amino acids released by depolarising stimuli. A spontaneous background release of [14C]glutamate was detected. This was increased by tityustoxin (1 microM). The specific radioactivity of glutamate increased eightfold during the evoked-release period. [14C]Aspartate was also… CONTINUE READING

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