In vivo radioprotection by ocimum flavonoids: survival of mice.

  title={In vivo radioprotection by ocimum flavonoids: survival of mice.},
  author={Pathirissery Uma Devi and A Ganasoundari and Badanidiyoor S. Rao and Keloth Kaitheri Srinivasan},
  journal={Radiation research},
  volume={151 1},
Two flavonoids, orientin and vicenin, isolated from the leaves of the Indian plant Ocimum sanctum were tested for their radioprotective effect in mice. Both compounds provided protection against death from gastrointestinal syndrome as well as bone marrow syndrome when injected intraperitoneally (i.p.) before whole-body exposure to 11 Gy gamma radiation. The optimum drug dose for protection was 50 microg/kg body weight: An increase in the drug dose did not increase protection. No acute toxicity… CONTINUE READING
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