In vivo kinetics of U4/U6·U5 tri-snRNP formation in Cajal bodies

  title={In vivo kinetics of U4/U6·U5 tri-snRNP formation in Cajal bodies},
  author={I. Novotn{\'y} and Michaela Bla{\vz}{\'i}kov{\'a} and David Staneˇk and P. T. D. Herman and Jan Malinsky},
  booktitle={Molecular biology of the cell},
The U4/U6·U5 tri-small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle (tri-snRNP) is an essential pre-mRNA splicing factor, which is assembled in a stepwise manner before each round of splicing. It was previously shown that the tri-snRNP is formed in Cajal bodies (CBs), but little is known about the dynamics of this process. Here we created a mathematical model of tri-snRNP assembly in CBs and used it to fit kinetics of individual snRNPs monitored by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching. A global… CONTINUE READING


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