In vivo imaging of NF-kappa B activity.

  title={In vivo imaging of NF-kappa B activity.},
  author={Harald Carlsen and Jan \Oivind Moskaug and Sigurd H. Fromm and Rune Blomhoff},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={168 3},
A wide range of human disorders involves inappropriate regulation of NF-kappaB, including cancers and numerous inflammatory conditions. Toward our goal to define mechanisms through which NF-kappaB leads to the development of disease, we have developed transgenic mice that express luciferase under the control of NF-kappaB, enabling real-time in vivo imaging of NF-kappaB activity in intact animals. We show that in the absence of extrinsic stimulation, strong luminescence is evident in lymph nodes… CONTINUE READING


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