In vivo gene transfer into muscle via electro-sonoporation.

  title={In vivo gene transfer into muscle via electro-sonoporation.},
  author={Yo-ichi Yamashita and Mitsuo Shimada and Katsuro Tachibana and Norifumi Harimoto and Eiji Tsujita and Ken Shirabe and Jun-Ichi Miyazaki and Keizo Sugimachi},
  journal={Human gene therapy},
  volume={13 17},
Among the nonviral techniques for gene transfer in vivo, electroporation is simple, potent, inexpensive, and safe. To upregulate the expression levels of the transferred gene, we investigated the applicability of in vivo electro-sonoporation, which consists of a combination of electric pulse and ultrasound, for gene transfer using plasmid DNA encoding luciferase and mouse interleukin-12 (mIL-12). The quadriceps muscles of mice were injected with plasmid DNA, then sonoporated for 5 min, and… CONTINUE READING

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