In-vivo evaluation of a feldspathic ceramic system: 2-year results.

  title={In-vivo evaluation of a feldspathic ceramic system: 2-year results.},
  author={Karl Heinz Friedl and Gottfried Schmalz and K-A Hiller and Alois Saller},
  journal={Journal of dentistry},
  volume={24 1-2},
OBJECTIVES The aim of this clinical study was to evaluate feldspathic ceramic inlays by clinical criteria and quantitative margin analysis, and to compare clinical performance with the quantitative margin analysis results. METHODS Fifty fibre-reinforced feldspathic ceramic inlays were placed in box-shaped, Class II preparations with all margins located in enamel. A low-viscosity type dual-curing resin luting material was used for luting. The inlays were evaluated clinically according to… CONTINUE READING