In vivo effects of N/OFQ(1–13)NH2 and its structural analogue [ORN9]N/OFQ(1–13)NH2 on carrageenan-induced inflammation: rat-paw oedema and antioxidant status


The effects of nociceptin(1–13)NH2 (N/OFQ(1–13)NH2) and its structural analogue [Orn9]N/OFQ(1–13)NH2 on acute carrageenan (CG)-induced peripheral inflammation and paw antioxidant status were studied. CG was injected intraplantarly in the right hind paw of rats and the volume of the inflamed paw was measured each 30 min for a period of 4h. When administered… (More)
DOI: 10.2478/s11535-009-0006-4

5 Figures and Tables


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