In vivo echo planar diffusion tensor imaging of the optic nerve in rats


M. Thuen, A. Kristoffersen, T. R. Vandberg, T. E. Singstad, O. Haraldseth, C. Brekken Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging, Norwegian University for Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, Department of Medical Imaging, St. Olavs Hospital HF, Trondheim, Norway Introduction: Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is an increasingly important non-invasive clinical imaging technique. Since fast echo planar imaging technique (EPI) is sensitive to geometrical distortions because of susceptibility effects, most animal studies have so far have used a standard spin echo DTI sequence. With a spin-echo DTI sequence, acquisition times can be long, up to several hours, and most experiments have therefore been carried out ex vivo. Here, we have developed a protocol for in vivo imaging of the optic nerve in rats using fast echo planar diffusion tensor imaging (EPIDTI). The results are confirmed with manganese-enhanced MRI (MEMRI), where the calcium analogue manganese, which is taken up and transported along axons, give contrast in MRI because of its paramagnetic properties (1).

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