In vivo construction of transgenes in Drosophila.

  title={In vivo construction of transgenes in Drosophila.},
  author={Hajime Takeuchi and Oleg G. Georgiev and Michael John Fetchko and Michael Kappeler and Walter Schaffner and Dieter Egli},
  volume={175 4},
Transgenic flies are generated by transposon-mediated transformation. A drawback of this approach is the size limit of transposable elements. Here, we propose a novel method that allows the extension of transgenes in vivo. This method is based on an incomplete transgene that has been constructed in vitro and integrated into the Drosophila genome by conventional transgenesis. The incomplete transgene contains two short stretches of DNA homologous to the 5'- and 3'-ends of a larger DNA segment of… CONTINUE READING

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