In vivo confocal microscopy of climatic droplet keratopathy.


We describe the corneal microstructural changes in a patient with spheroidal degeneration using in vivo confocal microscopy. Multiple hypo- and hyper-reflective spherical lesions were observed in the anterior corneal stroma and Bowman’s layer ranging from 45 to 220 mm in size. The corneal epithelium, posterior stroma and endothelium were otherwise… (More)


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@article{Bhikoo2013InVC, title={In vivo confocal microscopy of climatic droplet keratopathy.}, author={Riyaz Bhikoo and Rachael L. Niederer and Richard F Hart and Trevor T Sherwin and Charles N. J. McGhee}, journal={Clinical & experimental optometry}, year={2013}, volume={96 4}, pages={430-2} }