In vivo antiestrogenic activity of mifepristone in the rat

  title={In vivo antiestrogenic activity of mifepristone in the rat},
  author={Jara Nedv{\'i}dkov{\'a} and V. Theodore Schreiber and Ľuboslav St{\'a}rka},
  journal={Journal of Endocrinological Investigation},
The aim of this study was to find out whether mifepristone, known mainly as a substance with an antiprogesterone and antiglucocorticoid effect, also has an in vivo antiestrogenic activity on the adenohypophysis of the rat. Male Wistar rats were given chronically either estradiol-benzoate (EB, 1 mg s.c. twice a week) for a period of 12 days, or the non steroidal antiestrogen tamoxifen (1 mg/day/rat), or mifepristone (1 mg/day/rat), or EB together with mifepristone or tamoxifen. The hypertrophic… CONTINUE READING