In vivo and in vitro development of serotonergic neurons.

  title={In vivo and in vitro development of serotonergic neurons.},
  author={Jean Lauder and James A. Wallace and Hans Ch. Krebs and Peter Petrusz and Kathryn McCarthy},
  journal={Brain research bulletin},
  volume={9 1-6},
The monoamines are one of the earliest developing neurotransmitter systems in the mammalian brain. The first part of this paper describes the normal ontogeny of the serotonergic (5-HT) system in the rat brain as studied using long survival 3H-thymidine autoradiography (time of neuronal genesis, time of origin) and the Falck-Hillarp histofluorescence method, electron microscopy, and immunocytochemistry (anti-5-HT). Due to their early ontogeny relative to other brain regions, 5-HT neurons (as… CONTINUE READING


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