In vivo and in vitro CYP1B mRNA expression in channel catfish.

  title={In vivo and in vitro CYP1B mRNA expression in channel catfish.},
  author={Kristine L. Willett and Shobana Ganesan and Monali R Patel and Christine Metzger and Sylvie MA Quiniou and Geoffrey C. Waldbieser and Brian S Scheffler},
  journal={Marine environmental research},
  volume={62 Suppl},
Our goal was to study the induction of CYP1B mRNA expression in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus). CYP1B belongs to the cytochrome P450 superfamily of genes, is involved in the oxidation of endogenous and exogenous compounds, and could potentially be a useful biomarker in fish for exposure to AhR ligands. The full-length catfish CYP1B cDNA is 2417 nt to the polyA tail and encodes a putative protein of 536 amino acids. It has 67% amino acid similarity to carp and zebrafish CYP1B and 68… CONTINUE READING
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