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In vivo and immunohistochemical study of dentin and pulp tissue regeneration in the root canal

  title={In vivo and immunohistochemical study of dentin and pulp tissue regeneration in the root canal},
  author={Talaat Abo Hatab and Nabil Kochaji and Nizar Issa and Reem Nadra and Manal Saleh and Abdulkader Rahmo and Mohammad Salem Rekab},
The ultimate goal of endodontics therapy is the regeneration of tooth supporting tissues. This case study evaluated whether the transplantation of autologous dental pulp stem cells with chitosan scaffold into pulpless root canals could mediate pulp regeneration in human mature teeth. The dental pulp stem cells isolated from the patient`s pulp tissue. The cells were then seeded onto a chitosan scaffold and then transported into the root canal of the patient. After eight weeks the tooth was… 

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Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics and QUALIS**

  • D. Normando
  • Political Science
    Dental press journal of orthodontics
  • 2015
A few years ago, the Dentistry section of CAPES (Brazilian Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) decided to induce the QUALIS** of three scientific national dental journals, among which four were indexed at SciELO database to boost the number of citations of its own periodicals.

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