In vivo adhesive interface between resin and dentin.

  title={In vivo adhesive interface between resin and dentin.},
  author={Yasushi Shimada and Choltacha Harnirattisai and Shigehisa Inokoshi and Michael Frances Burrow and Tadasu Takatsu},
  journal={Operative dentistry},
  volume={20 5},
V-shaped cervical cavities prepared in monkey teeth were restored with several dentin bonding systems, and the in vivo resin-dentin interfacial structures were observed under the scanning electron microscope using an argon-ion etching technique. The hybrid layer could be clearly observed; its depth was dependent on the conditioner/primer used and tended to be thinner at the deep part of the cavity. Resin tags were also clearly observed, and their structure at the inner part was noted to be… CONTINUE READING