In vivo Analysis of Tumor Vascularization in the Rat

  title={In vivo Analysis of Tumor Vascularization in the Rat},
  author={Katsuyoshi Hori and Maroh Suzuki and Shigeru Tanda and Sachiko Saito},
  booktitle={Japanese journal of cancer research : Gann},
By using transparent chambers in rats, we have directly observed tumor-induced neovascularization in the early stage and the formation of intricate networks in Yoshida rat ascites hepatoma AH109A and Sato lung carcinoma at high magnification. We counted branching point numbers per unit area in the microvascular network with and without tumors in order to clarify the sites from which new vascular sprouts originate. Branching point number per unit area in normal tissue was 13.6 +/- 7.4/0.1 mm2 in… CONTINUE READING


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