In vitro study of Myristica fragrans seed (Nutmeg) ethanolic extract and quercetin compound as anti-inflammatory agent -

  title={In vitro study of Myristica fragrans seed (Nutmeg) ethanolic extract and quercetin compound as anti-inflammatory agent -},
  author={Kartika Sari Dewi and Budi Widyarto and Pande Putu Erawijantari and Wahyu Widowati},
  journal={International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences},
Background: Inflammation is one of an important biological response toward injury. Cytokine and mediator are produced by macrophage during the inflammatory process. Anti-inflammatory is important to treat the dangerous of chronic inflammation associated with chronic disease. Various plants and their derived compounds have been used in the treatment of inflammation including Myristica fragrans . The present study was designed to determine anti-inflammatory potential of M. fragrans seed (Nutmeg… Expand

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