In vitro studies of isolated supported human hearts

  title={In vitro studies of isolated supported human hearts},
  author={Dr. Daniel Burkhoff and John T. Flaherty and David T. Yue and Ahvie Herskowitz and Robert Y. Oikawa and Seiryo Sugiura and Michael R. Franz and William A. Baumgartner and Jochen Schaefer and Bruce A. Reitz and Kiichi Sagawa},
  journal={Heart and Vessels},
We developed methods to revive human hearts, obtained at the time of cardiac transplantation, and study them in the physiology laboratory. The hearts were arrested with cardioplegic solution at the time of explantation and transported to the laboratory at 4°C. The hearts were perfused with a human blood based solution whose flow rate, temperature, and ionic concentration were controlled. Six hearts with various endstage cardiomyopathies were revived in this manner. Once perfusion was started… CONTINUE READING