In vitro sensitivity of Verticillium fungicola to selected fungicides

  title={In vitro sensitivity of Verticillium fungicola to selected fungicides},
  author={Francisco J. Gea and Julio C{\`e}sar Tello and Mario Honrubia},
Twenty isolates of Verticillium fungicola var. fungicola collected from diseased fruit-bodies of Agaricus bisporus from prochloraz-treated crops, were exposed to a range of concentrations of six chemicals (benomyl, chlorothalonil, formaldehyde, iprodione, prochloraz-Mn-complex and prochloraz + carbendazim) in vitro. EC50 values were determined for each fungus-fungicide combination. All isolates were more sensitive to prochloraz-Mn-complex (EC50 values less than 5 mg 1−1) than to the remainder… CONTINUE READING


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