In vitro replication directed by a cloned adenovirus origin.

  title={In vitro replication directed by a cloned adenovirus origin.},
  author={Gregory D. N. Pearson and Keith C Chow and Robert E. Enns and Kevin Ahern and Jeffry Lynn Corden and Jerry A. Harpst},
  volume={23 3},
A 5.7-kb recombinant plasmid, called XD-7, contains the terminal XbaI-E fragment from the left end of type 2 adenovirus cloned into the EcoRI site of pBR322. An average of 9% +/- 1% of input supercoiled, protein-free XD-7 DNA replicated as rolling circles with single-stranded tails ranging up to unit length and longer in reaction mixtures containing nuclear and cytoplasmic extracts from adenovirus-infected, but not uninfected, HeLa cells. The adenovirus origin was mapped on XD-7 by electron… CONTINUE READING

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