In vitro propagation of Eucomis L'Hérit species - plants with medicinal and horticultural potential

  title={In vitro propagation of Eucomis L'H{\'e}rit species - plants with medicinal and horticultural potential},
  author={J. Taylor and J. van Staden},
  journal={Plant Growth Regulation},
  • J. Taylor, J. van Staden
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Plant Growth Regulation
  • Eucomis (Family Hyacinthaceae) are deciduousgeophytes with long, narrow leaves and erect, densely packed flower spikes. Thebulbs are greatly valued in traditional medicine for the treatment of a variety ofailments, and are thus heavily harvested for trade in South Africa's traditional herbal markets. Eucomis species propagaterelatively slowly from offsets and seed, and this, together with theirover-utilisation ethnopharmacologically, has led to their threatened status. Thein vitro propagation… CONTINUE READING
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