In vitro plantlet regeneration from seedling nodal explants of Acacia catechu.

  title={In vitro plantlet regeneration from seedling nodal explants of Acacia catechu.},
  author={Rohini Sahni and Shrish Chandra Gupta},
  journal={Indian journal of experimental biology},
  volume={40 9},
Multiple shoots were initiated after 20 days in stem nodes excised from in vitro grown seedlings of Acacia catechu, on Murashige and Skoog's medium adjuvanted with 1 to 100 microM of N6-benzyladenine (BA). Explants were subcultured on the same medium augmented with 1.5 g l(-1) of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) after 30 days. In the second subculture, after 30 days, the explants were transferred to a medium lacking PVP, but containing 10 microM of BA, where nine or ten shoots differentiated per… CONTINUE READING

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