In vitro performance of floating sustained-release capsule of verapamil.

  title={In vitro performance of floating sustained-release capsule of verapamil.},
  author={G L Chen and Weichang Hao},
  journal={Drug development and industrial pharmacy},
  volume={24 11},
Capsules filled with mixtures of verapamil, hydroxypropoxyl cellulose (HPC), and effervescent are proposed to provide floating sustained release over 10 hr. The effects of weight filled in the capsule, amount of HPC, and the addition of effervescent on the dissolution kinetics are studied. The conventional capsules were filled with different amounts and weights of the mixtures of verapamil, HPC, and effervescent. The release of verapamil from the capsules followed the Higuchi release model… CONTINUE READING

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