In vitro observations of mechanical heart valve cavitation.

  title={In vitro observations of mechanical heart valve cavitation.},
  author={Mark C S Shu and Lenny Leuer and T L Armitage and Tracy E Schneider and Donald Christiansen},
  journal={The Journal of heart valve disease},
  volume={3 Suppl 1},
  pages={S85-92; discussion S92-3}
The in vitro cavitation thresholds and locations were studied on ten different heart valve designs. The valves were mounted in a mock circulation flow loop which simulated a cardiovascular system. All the tests were run at 70 beats per minute with a cardiac output varying between 2 l/min and 6 l/min in increments of 1 l/min. In vitro cavitation phenomena generated at the closing instant of mechanical heart valves were captured using a video photographic technique. Cavitation locations and… CONTINUE READING

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