In vitro microsomal metabolism of hydrazine.

  title={In vitro microsomal metabolism of hydrazine.},
  author={Andrew M. Jenner and John A. Timbrell},
  journal={Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems},
  volume={25 6},
1. It has been demonstrated that hydrazine is metabolized by rat liver enzymes located in the microsomal fraction. This metabolism was reduced in the absence of oxygen or NADPH and was increased by NADH in the presence of NADPH. 2. Microsomal enzyme inhibitors, piperonyl butoxide and metyrapone, significantly inhibited hydrazine metabolism but glutathione had no affect and was not depleted. 3. In addition to P450, flavin monooxygenase may also be involved in catalysing the microsomal metabolism… CONTINUE READING


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