In vitro micropropagation of Ruscus aculeatus

  title={In vitro micropropagation of Ruscus aculeatus},
  author={Elisabeth G{\'o}mez Moyano and M P Rubio Montero and Mercedes Bonfill and Rosa Maria Cusido and Javier Palaz{\'o}n and Montserrat Pinol},
  journal={Biologia Plantarum},
We have developed three protocols for the rapid micropropagation of Ruscus aculeatus. The primary explants utilised were immature embryos, aerial buds excised from rhizomes and shoot buds regenerated from organogenic calli. In order to increase the plant regeneration from the primary explants, we used organogenic calli from cladode, stem and rhizome segments. We tested more than 20 culture media for callus induction and shoot regeneration and the best results were obtained when rhizome segments… CONTINUE READING
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