In vitro methylation of DNA by the fumigant methyl bromide.

  title={In vitro methylation of DNA by the fumigant methyl bromide.},
  author={Alvin N. Starratt and Edwin J. Bond},
  journal={Journal of environmental science and health. Part. B, Pesticides, food contaminants, and agricultural wastes},
  volume={23 5},
Investigations have shown that the physical state of the DNA strongly influences the pattern of methylation observed when DNA or a substance containing DNA is treated with the fumigant methyl bromide. 1-Methyl-adenine and 7-methylguanine were identified, after hydrolysis, as the major methylated bases of DNA which had been treated in the solid state. 3-Methylcytosine, 3-methyladenine and 7-methyladenine were found as minor products. The overall methylation pattern was similar to that observed… CONTINUE READING