In vitro maturation of nascent reticulocytes to erythrocytes.

  title={In vitro maturation of nascent reticulocytes to erythrocytes.},
  author={Mark J. Koury and Stephen T Koury and Prapaporn Kopsombut and Maurice C Bondurant},
  volume={105 5},
Most studies of mammalian reticulocyte maturation have used blood reticulocytes. Nascent reticulocytes, as found in bone marrow, have not been available in developmentally synchronized populations. Nascent murine reticulocytes formed in vitro by enucleation of Friend virus-infected erythroblasts were purified and recultured for 110 hours. At 0 hours, all recultured cells were lobulated and contained dense, centralized reticulin. By 110 hours, about 20% to 25% of the cells became biconcave… CONTINUE READING