In vitro loading of apoferritin.

  title={In vitro loading of apoferritin.},
  author={D M de Silva and Darinda M Miller and Dipl.-Chem. Waltraud Reif and Steven D. Aust},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={293 2},
This study compared the effect of loading apoferritin either with ferrous ammonium sulfate in various buffers or with ceruloplasmin and chelated ferrous iron. It was shown that loading of apoferritin with ferrous ammonium sulfate was dependent on buffer and pH, and was directly related to the rate of iron autoxidation. The ceruloplasmin-dependent loading of apoferritin, however, was unaffected by these factors. Isoelectric focusing and amino acid analysis of the differently loaded ferritins… CONTINUE READING
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