In vitro leishmanicidal activity of monomeric and dimeric naphthoquinones.

  title={In vitro leishmanicidal activity of monomeric and dimeric naphthoquinones.},
  author={Oliver Kayser and Albrecht Ferdinand Kiderlen and Hartmut Laatsch and Simon Croft},
  journal={Acta tropica},
  volume={76 2},
A series of monomeric and dimeric naphthoquinones with potential for treatment of Leishmania infections was identified in vitro using both a direct cytotoxicity assay against extracellular promastigotes of Leishmania donovani, Leishmania infanturn, Leishmania enriettii, and Leishmania major and a test against intracellular amastigote L. donovani residing within murine macrophages. Several naphthoquinones proved to be active at concentrations in the microgram range (EC(50) 0.9-17.0 microg/ml… CONTINUE READING

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