In vitro hatching of Trichuris suis eggs

  title={In vitro hatching of Trichuris suis eggs},
  author={Nermina Vejzagic and Stig Milan Thamsborg and Helene Kringel and Allan Roepstorff and Johan Musaeus Bruun and Christian Moliin Outzen Kapel},
  journal={Parasitology Research},
Eggs of the pig whipworm, Trichuris suis ova (TSO), are currently tested in human clinical trials for their potential immunomodulatory capacity. The biological potency of TSO (egg viability and infectivity) is traditionally assessed in Göttingen minipigs as the establishment of intestinal larvae after inoculation with a known number of eggs. To minimize testing in animal models, development of an in vitro egg hatching assay is proposed as a reliable, cost-effective, and a faster alternative to… CONTINUE READING