In-vitro fertilization outcome in women with hydrosalpinx.

  title={In-vitro fertilization outcome in women with hydrosalpinx.},
  author={Fady I. Sharara and Richard T. Scott and E L Marut and John T Queenan},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={11 3},
Recent studies have suggested that the presence of hydrosalpinx has a negative effect on in-vitro fertilization (IVF) outcome, with markedly diminished implantation and pregnancy rates, and increased early pregnancy loss. We evaluated the impact of hydrosalpinx on IVF outcome in a large population with tubal factor infertility: 63 patients with hydrosalpinx and 60 without hydrosalpinx (no hydrosalpinx) underwent 103 and 89 IVF cycles respectively. Hydrosalpinx was diagnosed by… CONTINUE READING


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