[In vitro experimental study of adriamycin-loaded chitosan drug delivery system].


Chitosan is a kind of biological material with good histocompatibility and gradual biodegradability in vivo. It has no toxicity or side-effect. For its gradual degradation, chitosan and adriamycin were mixed and formed drug delivery system (DDS). The release test of DDS and exudant of DDS in inhibiting OS-116 were examined in vitro. The results were as following: the DDS could release adriamycin in slow and stable way. The SO-116 inhidition rate of the exudant of the DDS on the 1st, 20th, 40th and 60th day was 58.11%, 36.48%, 24.32% and 21.62% respectively. It was concluded that the drug delivery system was a slow release system. It could maintain the concentration of adriamycin in a certain level. It was also suggested that the chitosan was a good carrier for slow release of chemotherapeutic drug in local therapy for postoperative treatment of bone tumor.

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