In vitro evaluation of potential hepatotoxicity induced by drugs.

  title={In vitro evaluation of potential hepatotoxicity induced by drugs.},
  author={M. Jos{\'e} G{\'o}mez-lech{\'o}n and Agust{\'i}n Lahoz and Lourdes Gombau and Jose V Castell and Mar{\'i}a Teresa Donato},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={16 17},
The liver is the most important target for toxicity caused by drugs. This vulnerability is a consequence of the functional features of the liver and their role in the metabolic elimination of most drugs. Therefore, evaluation of potential hepatotoxicity represents a critical step in the development of new drugs. The liver is very active in metabolising foreign compounds and, although biotransformation reactions generally parallel detoxification processes, the formation of reactive metabolites… CONTINUE READING
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