In vitro comparison of three caries dyes.

  title={In vitro comparison of three caries dyes.},
  author={Kazuo Itoh and Mizuho Kusunoki and Misa Oikawa and Chihiiro Tani and Hisashi Hisamitsu},
  journal={American journal of dentistry},
  volume={22 4},
PURPOSE To evaluate the efficacy of a conventional and newly-developed caries detector (Caries Check) by measuring the Vickers microhardness (VMH) and DIAGNOdent value of the dentin cavity wall of extracted human teeth after removing carious dentin that was stained by the caries detector. METHODS 30 human teeth with coronal dentin caries extending halfway through the dentin were sectioned and extracted for use in this study. As a control, the longitudinal section of a caries-free extracted… CONTINUE READING