In vitro antitumor mechanism of (E)-N-(2-methoxy-5-(((2,4,6-trimethoxystyryl)sulfonyl)methyl)pyridin-3-yl)methanesulfonamide.

  title={In vitro antitumor mechanism of (E)-N-(2-methoxy-5-(((2,4,6-trimethoxystyryl)sulfonyl)methyl)pyridin-3-yl)methanesulfonamide.},
  author={Tiangong Lu and Charles A. Laughton and Shudong Wang and Tracey D Bradshaw},
  journal={Molecular pharmacology},
  volume={87 1},
ON01910.Na [sodium (E)-2-(2-methoxy-5-((2,4,6-trimethoxystyrylsulfonyl)methyl)phenylamino)acetate; Rigosertib, Estybon], a styryl benzylsulfone, is a phase III stage anticancer agent. This non-ATP competitive kinase inhibitor has multitargeted activity, promoting mitotic arrest and apoptosis. Extensive phase I/II studies with ON01910.Na, conducted in patients with solid tumors and hematologic cancers, demonstrate excellent efficacy. However, issues remain affecting its development. These… CONTINUE READING