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In vitro antigiardial activity of IRE-6A and IRE-7B, two ethyl-phenylcarbamate derivatives.

  title={In vitro antigiardial activity of IRE-6A and IRE-7B, two ethyl-phenylcarbamate derivatives.},
  author={Enedina Jim{\'e}nez-Cardoso and Andr{\'e}s Flores-Luna and Enrique {\'A}ngeles and Pablo A. Mart{\'i}nez and Rafael L{\'o}pez-Casta{\~n}ares and Gilberto Casta{\~n}eda-Hern{\'a}ndez and Jos{\'e} P{\'e}rez-Urizar},
  journal={Revista de investigacion clinica; organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutricion},
  volume={55 4},
Resistance is a practical problem associated to the use of benzimidazoles in the antigiardial therapy. Since benzimidazole-resistant strains of fungi have shown increased sensitivity to phenylcarbamates, in this study we synthesized and in vitro tested novel substituted phenylcarbamates against the protozoa Giardia intestinalis. IRE-6A and IRE-7B, two 4-R-ethyl-phenylcarbamates demonstrated an important antigiardial activity although that was modest when compared to albendazole in axenic… Expand
In vitro activity of two phenyl-carbamate derivatives, singly and in combination with albendazole against albendazole-resistant Giardia intestinalis.
A potential role for a combined therapy with phenyl-carbamates and sub-doses of benzimidazoles in the treatment of giardiasis is suggested. Expand
The old and new therapeutic approaches to the treatment of giardiasis: Where are we?
This study is a review of drugs used in in vitro and in vivo tests, and also drugs tested in clinical trials (nonrandomized and randomized). Expand
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In vivo antigiardial activity of three flavonoids isolated of some medicinal plants used in Mexican traditional medicine for the treatment of diarrhea.
Three flavonoids isolated from Geranium mexicanum, Cuphea pinetorum, Helianthemum glomeratum, and Rubus coriifolius were assayed to demonstrate their in vivo antiprotozoal activity and the most active flavonoid was the (-)-epicatechin, its activity was higher than metronidazole and emetine. Expand
Estudio de factores asociados con la reinfección por Giardia lamblia en niños de círculos infantiles
El protozoo Giardia lamblia, tambien conocido como Giardia duodenalis o Giardia intestinalis, es un parasito del intestino delgado que puede causar alta morbilidad tanto en paises desarrollados comoExpand
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