In vitro antibacterial activity of gramicidin and tyrothricin.

  title={In vitro antibacterial activity of gramicidin and tyrothricin.},
  author={Gotthard Ruckdeschel and Friedrich Beaufort and Gerhard Nahler and O Belzer},
  volume={33 12},
815 recent clinical isolates of different species representing pathogenic or saprophytic constituents of human microbial flora were submitted to agar dilution tests. In concentrations above 64 micrograms/ml tyrothricin is in general equally as gramicidin or slightly more effective whereas below 8 micrograms/ml gramicidin is mostly more effective than tyrothricin. Of 401 streptococci all were inhibited by tyrothricin and gramicidin in concentrations up to 96 micrograms/ml; staphylococci were… CONTINUE READING