In vitro anti-leukaemia activity of sphingosine kinase inhibitor.

  title={In vitro anti-leukaemia activity of sphingosine kinase inhibitor.},
  author={Clara Ricci and Francesco Onida and Federica Servida and Franca Radaelli and Giorgia Saporiti and Katia Todoerti and Giorgio Lambertenghi Deliliers and Riccardo Ghidoni},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={144 3},
Compelling evidence indicates the role of sphingosine kinase 1 (SPHK1) deregulation in the processes of carcinogenesis and acquisition of drug resistance, providing the rationale for an effective anti-cancer therapy. However, no highly selective inhibitors of SPHK1 are available for in vitro and in vivo studies, except for the newly discovered 'SK inhibitor' (SKI). The present study showed that, in a panel of myeloid leukaemia cell lines, basal level of SPHK1 correlated with the degree of… CONTINUE READING
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