In vitro and in silico processes to identify differentially expressed proteins.

  title={In vitro and in silico processes to identify differentially expressed proteins.},
  author={Nadia Allet and Nicolas Barrillat and Thierry Baussant and Celia Boiteau and Paolo Botti and Lydie Bougueleret and Nicolas Budin and Denis Canet and St{\'e}phanie Carraud and Diego Chiappe and Nicolas Christmann and Jacques Colinge and Isabelle Cusin and Nicolas Dafflon and Beno{\^i}t Depresle and Ir{\`e}ne Fasso and Pascal Frauchiger and Hubert Gaertner and Anne Gleizes and Eduardo Gonzalez-Couto and Catherine Jeandenans and Abderrahim Karmime and Thomas Kowall and Sophie Lagache and Eve Mah{\'e} and Alexandre Masselot and Hassan Mattou and Marc Moniatte and Anne Niknejad and Marianne Paolini and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Perret and Nicolas Pinaud and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Ranno and Sylvain Raimondi and Samia Reffas and P O Regamey and P. Rey and Patricia Rodriguez-Tom{\'e} and Keith Rose and G{\'e}rald Rossellat and C{\'e}dric Saudrais and Camille Schmidt and Matteo Villain and Catherine Zwahlen},
  volume={4 8},
We present an integrated proteomics platform designed for performing differential analyses. Since reproducible results are essential for comparative studies, we explain how we improved reproducibility at every step of our laboratory processes, e.g. by taking advantage of the powerful laboratory information management system we developed. The differential capacity of our platform is validated by detecting known markers in a real sample and by a spiking experiment. We introduce an innovative two… CONTINUE READING

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