In vitro activity of Bay Y3118 against anaerobic bacteria.

  title={In vitro activity of Bay Y3118 against anaerobic bacteria.},
  author={Hannah M. Wexler and E. Molitoris and Sydney M. Finegold},
  journal={Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy},
  volume={37 11},
The antimicrobial activity of a new quinolone, Bay Y3118, was determined against 326 strains of anaerobic bacteria and compared with the activities of ampicillin-sulbactam, cefotetan, clindamycin, imipenem, metronidazole, and sparfloxacin. The National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards-approved Wadsworth agar dilution technique with Brucella-laked blood agar was used throughout the study. Breakpoints used to determine the percent susceptible were 2 micrograms/ml for Bay Y3118 and… CONTINUE READING

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