In vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers to Glioblastoma Multiforme.

  title={In vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers to Glioblastoma Multiforme.},
  author={Abdullah Tahir Bayraç and Kwame Sefah and Parag A Parekh and Ceren Bayraç and Basri Gulbakan and Huseyin Avni Oktem and Weihong Tan},
  journal={ACS chemical neuroscience},
  volume={2 3},
Aptamer probes for specific recognition of glioblastoma multiforme were generated using a repetitive and broad cell-SELEX-based procedure without negative selection. The 454 sequencing technology was used to monitor SELEX, and bioinformatics tools were used to identify aptamers from high throughput data. A group of aptamers were generated that can bind to target cells specifically with dissociation constants (K(d)) in the nanomolar range. Selected aptamers showed high affinity to different… CONTINUE READING

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