In vitro Regeneration and Cytological Studies on Somaclones ofErianthus elephantinus Hook. F.

  title={In vitro Regeneration and Cytological Studies on Somaclones ofErianthus elephantinus Hook. F.},
  author={N. C. Jalaja and Thiagarajan Sreenivasan},
  journal={Sugar Tech},
Callus induction, plantlet regeneration and their field establishment were achieved in the genusErianthus which is closely related toSaccharum. The species utilised wasE. elephantinus with the lowest chromosome number of the genus (2n = 20). The donor clone SES 305 is cytologically stable. The 64 somaclones which attained maturity and were studied did not show much morphological variation. However, many somaclones showed consistantly low pollen fertility over years. Although chromosome… CONTINUE READING

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