In vitro Culture of Lasiosipon eriocephalus an Endangered Species


Lasiosiphon eriocephalus is a rare plant, used by tribal of Western Ghat of India. Shoot apex, lateral buds, green stem and young developing leaves of Lasiosiphon ericephalus, collected from Khandala Hills, were tried for In Vitro culture. None of them responded to IAA and NAA. Meristematic tissues i.e. shoot apex and lateral buds did not respond to 2,4-D. However stem and leaves callused when cultured on 2,4-D containig MS medium, but perished after 3 subcultures. Leaf and stem browned on medium containing BA, whereas 86% lateral buds and 16% shoot apex showed multiple shoot formation at 1 mg l BA. Kinetin also showed 1 similar response to all the explants as BA, but % of response, time teken for response and intensity of response was less than that of the BAP. 0.5 1 mg l IAA. induced rooting in 50% regenerated shoot. 70% in vitro 1 cultured plants survived hardening on soil substrate in green house. Hence, it was micro propagated in MS medium augmented with 1mg l BAthrough multiple shooting and then rooting the regenerated shoots by 1 adding 0.5 mg l IAA to the medium. Plants were successfully hardened on soil substrate in humidity 1 controlled green house.

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