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In vitro Antioxidant Capacities of Star Fruit ( Averrhoa carambola ), an Underutilised Tropical Fruit

  title={In vitro Antioxidant Capacities of Star Fruit ( Averrhoa carambola ), an Underutilised Tropical Fruit},
  author={Yin Sze Lim and Shi Ting Lee and Jalan Broga and S. Ehsan},
Star fruit is an underutilised tropical fruit that could serves as an alternative food sources to the world. The current study was, therefore, undertaken to investigate the funct ional potentials of green and ripe star fruits by d etermining its antioxidant contents and capacities. The antioxidant capacities of star fruit were increased significantly with ri pening, except for the total ascorbic acid content. The ripe star fruit pe el contained higher total polyphenol (98.19 g TAE/1 00 g FW… Expand

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