In-utero characterization of the blood flow in the Hyrtl anastomosis.

  title={In-utero characterization of the blood flow in the Hyrtl anastomosis.},
  author={Luigi Raio and Fabio Ghezzi and Edoardo di Naro and Massimo Franchi and D Balestreri and Peter Duerig and Henning Schneider},
  volume={22 6},
An anastomosis between the two umbilical arteries, located approximately within 3 cm from the placental insertion, has been previously described at delivery and in utero. However, the prenatal investigation of the Hyrtl anastomosis is limited to case reports. We report a series of antenatal functional evaluations of this vessel. Forty-one women underwent a target ultrasonography to evaluate the blood flow characteristics of the Hyrtl anastomosis. The resistance index of the anastomosis and the… CONTINUE READING

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