In the light of logic

  title={In the light of logic},
  author={S. Feferman},
  • S. Feferman
  • Published 1998
  • Philosophy
  • I: FOUNDATIONAL PROBLEMS 1. Declining the undecidable: Wrestling with Hilbert's Problems 2. Infinity in Mathematics: Is Cantor necessary? 3. The logic of mathematical discovery vs. the logical structure of mathematics II: FOUNDATIONAL WAYS 4. Foundational Ways 5. Working Foundations III: GODEL 6. Godel's life and work 7. Kurt Godel: conviction and caution 8. Introductory note to Godel's 1993 lecture IV: PROOF THEORY 9. What does logic have to tell us about mathematical proofs? 10. What rests on… CONTINUE READING
    Scientific Intuition of Genii Against Mytho-‘Logic’ of Cantor’s Transfinite ‘Paradise’
    Ordinals and interactive programs
    The Constructive Hilbert Program and the Limits of Martin-Löf Type Theory
    Samsara ?
    Applied Foundations : Proof Mining in Mathematics
    Formal Tools and the Philosophy of Mathematics
    Arithmetical Knowledge and Arithmetical Definability: Four Studies
    The Impact of the Incompleteness Theorems on Mathematics
    Model Theory ( Draft 20 Jul 00 )