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In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization

  title={In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization},
  author={Mario Blaser and Harvey A. Feit and Glen McRae},
* Contents * Introductions * 1. Indigenous Peoples and Development Processes: New Terrains of Struggle - Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit and Glenn McRae * 2. Life Projects: Indigenous Peoples' Agency and Development - Mario Blaser * Part 1: Visions: Life Projects, Representations and Conflicts * 3. Life Projects: Development Our Way - Bruno Barras * 4. 'Way of Life' or 'Who Decides': Development, Paraguayan Indigenism and the Yshiro People's Life Projects - Mario Blaser * 5. Traditional Ecological… 
Introduction: Indigenous Peoples, Extractivism, and Turbulences in South America
The introduction lays the groundwork for the volume’s explorations of indigenous life-making projects in encounters with extractivism in South America. It discusses how people’s contestations of
Towards new development paradigms: the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a tool to support self-determined development
ABSTRACT Since the adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, indigenous peoples’ agency and ideas of development have become more central to wider development processes.
The prospects of culture: resource management and the production of difference in Nunatsiavut, Labrador
This dissertation examines how concepts of culture and cultural difference have been created, maintained, mobilized, and engaged in the struggle for political and economic control in Nunatsiavut over
Culturally sustainable development: Maya culture, indigenous institutions, and alternative development in Guatemala
Recent scholarship has highlighted the ways in which new models of international and community development have been emerging in Latin America. Many of these have been associated with the idea of
The promotion of pastoralist heritage and alternative ‘visions’ for the future of Northern Kenya
ABSTRACT This article examines increasing prominent claims of ‘heritage’ and ‘culture’ along the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor. In particular it looks at how heritage is
Indigenous knowledge, skills and action: Indigenous women’s learning in the Peruvian Amazon
  • S. Aikman
  • Political Science
    Indigenous Women and Adult Learning
  • 2020
Abstract Drawing on long term ethnographic research in the SE Peruvian Amazon this article asks what kinds and forms of learning do indigenous women value, how are the knowledge and skills they value
Hybrid economies as life projects? An example from the Torres Strait
Over the last decade, a number of Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and activists worldwide have come to embrace the concept of life projects as a holistic, local and dynamic alternative to the
Landscapes of Resistance: Community Opposition to Canadian Mining Operations in Guatemala
This paper examines individual and communal notions of space, place and landscape as these concepts are altered by power, violence and resistance to Canadian mining operations in Guatemala.
The Ethics of Economic Development and Human Displacement
textabstractDevelopment projects have frequently brought clashes between claims for improvement for powerful groups nationwide and worldwide and the rights of marginal groups in project-affected
The enclosures of colonization: Indigeneity, development, and the case of Mapithel dam in Northeast India
This paper examines the Mapithel dam in Northeastern state of Manipur in India as a site of contestation between the state-led development agenda and the affected tribal people. Based on discursive


Encountering Development: The Making and the Unmaking of the Third World
Drawing on Foucaultian critical discourse analysis and Said’s concept of Orientalism (Foucault, 1980; Said, 2003), the fi rst edition of the book – published in 1995 – presented a groundbreaking and
Megadevelopment, Environmentalism, and Resistance: The Institutional Context of Kayapó Indigenous Politics in Central Brazil
The role of the indigenous Kayapo in environmentalist movements that oppose large-scale development projects in the Amazon is described. The analytic focus is on the construction of environmentalism
Zapata Lives!: Histories and Cultural Politics in Southern Mexico
Contents List of Maps, Illustrations, and Tables Acknowledgments Acronyms and Abbreviations Preface Part I. The Political and Historical Contexts of Zapatismo 1. Introduction: The "Fields" of
Is Capitalism Sustainable?: Political Economy and the Politics of Ecology
This volume probes the many facets of capitalism's ecological contradictions and presents critical discussions of the politics of ecology under a free-market economy. Offering cogent analyses of the
The Social Life of Stories: Narrative and Knowledge in the Yukon Territory
In this theoretically sophisticated study of indigenous oral narratives, Julie Cruikshank moves beyond the text to explore the social significance of storytelling. Circumpolar Native peoples today
Future multilateralism : the political and social framework
Preface List of Acronyms and Abbreviations Notes on the Contributors Editor's Introduction M-G. Schechter PART I: SECURITY ISSUES From Civil War to Civil Peace: Multi-track Solutions to Armed
Toward Sustainable Development?: Struggling Over India's Narmada River
This timely book takes a wide-angled look at how the field of community development is evolving in an era of reduced resources, changing priorities, privatization, competition, and performance
The Greenpeace Guide to Anti-environmental Organizations
Review by Dale Wharton Retired Computer Programmer, Montreal QC Canada Deal, Carl. THE GREENPEACE GUIDE TO ANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS. Berkeley: Odonian Press, 1993. 95 pp. US$5 paper ISBN:
Gaining Ground?: Evenkis, Land, and Reform in Southeastern Siberia
Foreword to the Series. Preface. 1.Land, Resources, and Cultural Survival. The Importance of Land. Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North. The Evenkis of Northern Transbaykalia: A Case Study.
Tundra Passages: History and Gender in the Russian Far East
Petra Rethmann, Tundra Passages: History and Gender in the Russian Far East, University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2001, 219 pages, ISBN 0-271-02068-X (paper).Reviewer: Regna