In the Shadows of Globalization: Civilizational Crisis, the ‘Global Modern’ and ‘Islamic Nihilism’

  title={In the Shadows of Globalization: Civilizational Crisis, the ‘Global Modern’ and ‘Islamic Nihilism’},
  author={Mustapha Kamal Pasha},
  pages={173 - 185}
  • Mustapha Kamal Pasha
  • Published 2010
  • Sociology
  • Globalizations
  • This article explores points of contact between neojihadist violence and globalization as part of a strategy to provincialize the inherently presentist character of extant discussions of the current financial crisis. It seeks a broadening of the cultural field in which neojihadist projects, specifically of destruction or self-annihilation, become intelligible. Implicit in this exercise is the nagging suspicion that a focus on civilizational aspects of the general crisis offers greater access to… CONTINUE READING
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